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Minor child for whom I am the parent or legal guardian
Grantor of a Power of Attorney or Authorized Agent
(Please note: In order for the applicable company to consider a Personal Information Request, a Power of Attorney or a consumer's signed permission demonstrating that the Authorized Agent has been authorized by the consumer to act on their behalf, must be provided)

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Alea North America Insurance Company
Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC
Danielson National Insurance Company
National American Insurance Company of California
National Home Insurance Company (A Risk Retention Group)
ProBuilders Specialty Insurance Company (RRG)
SPARTA Insurance Company
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    I am requesting the following information the Company has collected in the past twelve (12) months:
        The categories of my personal information collected
        The categories of sources from which my personal information was collected
        The business or commercial purpose for collecting or selling my personal information
        The categories of third parties with whom the Company shared my personal information
        The specific pieces of my personal information the Company has collected
I am requesting that the Company delete my personal information
I wish to opt-out of the sale of my personal information by the Company

CONSENT: By submitting this form, I certify under penalty of perjury that I am submitting a request in connection with data that relates to me. I understand that falsifying information could lead to an improper release of another individual’s personal information. I authorize Catalina U.S. Insurance Services LLC to contact me if additional information is needed to verify my request.